Bloomberg Philanthropies Approach

Addressing Unmet Needs

Nadia Andreini

Bloomberg Philanthropies tackles challenges that are either overlooked or underfunded, bringing its unique approach and perspective grounded in Mike Bloomberg’s experience in the public and private sectors.

In the arts, that includes supporting a nationwide management training program, Arts Innovation and Management (AIM), that helps small and mid- sized organizations with long-term planning, marketing, fundraising, and board development.

BAYCAT, a nonprofit arts organization that participated in AIM, works in the San Francisco Bay Area to educate low-income youth, youth of color, and young women who want to become storytellers and filmmakers.

In support of its mission, the AIM program has given BAYCAT‘s CEO and other nonprofit leaders management training and expertise to develop sustainable business models – filling an unmet need for hundreds of arts organizations across the country.

With the help of an AIM advisor, BAYCAT developed a strategic plan that better engaged the board in its work and created a new group of volunteers to offer additional support and raise new funding. After two years, BAYCAT graduated from the AIM program with a strong plan and excitement about the future.

“What lives behind after this grant is really the confidence to know that we could do much bigger and better things.”
Villy Wang
San Francisco, California