Bloomberg Philanthropies Approach

Identify and Engage Strong Partners

The challenges facing the U.S. and the world are increasingly complex, and no organization can tackle them alone. Bloomberg Philanthropies convenes and engages strong partners from across fields and industries who can break down complicated issues, innovate, and share solutions that work.

The Career and Technical Education program collaborates with key partners like CareerWise Colorado in Denver and YouthForce NOLA in New Orleans, Louisiana, to connect local students with exciting opportunities in the job market. Alongside local businesses, schools, colleges, and other nonprofit educational partners, the program gives students the skills and the experience to launch their careers in growing fields that need their talent.

Colin Dean, an IT apprentice at tech company HomeAdvisor in Colorado. Credit: Nathan Armes/CareerWise Colorado

CareerWise Colorado

In Denver, students participate in an apprenticeship program, graduating with a high school diploma, associate’s degree or significant credits toward a degree debt-free, and two years of paid work experience in career fields such as IT, financial services, and business operations. Already, 220 apprentices have worked with 78 employers.

Youthforce NOLA

Youthforce NOLA

New Orleans charter school students gain industry-specific credentials and serve in internships. Eight hundred and twenty-five seniors have earned credentials and 540 students have completed internships – all in high-wage, high-demand fields, including software development, emergency medical services, and engineering.